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I truly believe that the concept of goal setting can be applied to every aspect of our lives; your goals can be related to your profession, your family, your health, etc. I think it's important to set goals so we can challenge ourselves, push our limits and accomplish great things. What is the purpose of living if we have no project nor goal that we want to accomplish nor any aspect of our lifestyle that we want to improve?

Reaching goal after goal is a great path towards success and achievement. But setting the right goals for you and finding specific ways to actually reach them is what is really important. 

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Why is it so important for personal growth?

First, the action of actually THINKING about goals that we would like to accomplish allows us to make an introspection and to question ourselves on what we would truly like to do; what is important to us.

Then, FINDING strategies to reach those goals allows us to be more conscious of our daily actions that are related or not to what permits us to feel more accomplished.

Finally, ACHIEVING or not our goals can either give us a great feeling of accomplishment and proudness or it can push us to persevere, reevaluate our goals and work twice as hard to accomplish them the next time around. 

Working hard towards a goal gives us a sense of direction; it pushes us to get out of our comfort zone and to push back our limits to accomplish things that often, we didn't even think we were able to achieve in the first place.

Let's go through the thought process behind a great strategy when facing up to our goals.


Ask yourself what it is that you truly wish for yourself. It has to represent a small challenge for you and can be put on a different time frame. For example, you could ask yourself 'what do I truly wish for myself in the next 2 weeks?' or 'in a year from now, what is it that I really want for myself in my professional life?'


Once you are clear on what your wish is, ask yourself what is the outcome of fulfilling that wish. What is the best outcome for yourself, your life, that can happen after making that wish happen? Imagine the outcome. Put it in the front of your mind and act on it with positive thinking.


Ask yourself what is truly stopping you from going after that wish. What stands in the way? You have to go deep within yourself to find your inner obstacles and identify them. 


Ask yourself what you can do to overcome that obstacle. Make a plan by completing the statement: 'If *obstacle A* occurs, I will *behavior* to overcome it and fulfill my wish to get my desired outcome'. Identify a behavior, a strategy for each obstacle to get ready to face it when and if it occurs.

This process is probably the best strategy to identify goals that are meaningful to YOU and to give you the confidence and strategies to go out there and reach them.

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Anyone's who has heard of goal setting before probably heard of S.M.A.R.T as well. I don't believe every single goal should follow the S.M.A.R.T rules - there are always exceptions. But with that being said, following those guidelines can absolutely help you in your goal setting especially if you are new to this practice. Here's what to keep in mind.

Your goal has to be:


Which is why it's important to set different goals for different areas of your life. 


To be able to easily judge if it's achieved or not.


If a goal ends up being too easy or too hard and you take notice along the way, you should be able to adjust it.


No point on setting goals way too difficult or hard to achieve; it will just bring you disappointments and frustrations. 


You can have short, middle and long term goals and a specific date by then you wish to achieve them.

Here are a few examples.

- At work (arrive on time every morning for a week; take a full hour of lunch today; bring a new idea to my business team at the next meeting...)

- In my personal relationships (call that friend I've been wanting to call for 3 months; spend 10 more minutes playing with my kids everyday...)

- In my hobbies and free time (read 20 minutes everyday,;visit a new country by the end of the year; try a new recipe every week...)

- In my sport (run 5ks, lift 10 extra pounds on my squat by the end of the month...)

- Etc.

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I personally believe that living your life everyday without questioning yourself about what you would like to fulfill makes you miss out on great achievements and self-discovery. Whether it's a short-term or a long-term goal, something specific that we want to do once or a habit we want to adopt, I think we can all benefit from setting challenges and goals once in a while- to prove ourselves that there's nothing you can't do!

If you need help to set yourself some goals, don't hesitate to contact me today by clicking on the button below.

Coach Claudia

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