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At KarmaKin, we have a pretty different definition of what beauty is; we absolutely don't agree with what society and media preach as beauty standards.

Beauty is not a number on the scale. Beauty is not a bodyfat pourcent. It is not superficial or expensive or forced. It's not found in makeup, fake eye lashes or hair extensions. Its not found either in well sculpted pecs or a visible 6 pack. It's not measured by followers on Instagram or Facebook likes.

Beauty comes from within. It spreads through someone's energy, passion and happiness. Beauty can be seen through the heart, soul and emotion. A beautiful person is someone who is happy, healthy with positive vibes. It's someone who feels great and confident in their body and mind. Beauty starts from within. Before it can even spread out on the outside.

At KarmaKin, we help you discover and redefine your beauty. Through a healthy mind healthy body approach. Through progressive goals and daily habit changes that last a lifetime and that are beneficial for optimal health and beauty.

If only human beings could see souls instead of bodies. Our definition of beauty would be so much different.

Coach Claudia