I had a really good conversation with my friend Catherine this weekend on the subject. People don't want to insult you or hurt you when they say you are 'lucky'... But personally, I don't agree. Of course, there are different ways of being lucky - I can consider myself lucky to be in good health, have a good family, etc., etc.

But when people tell me that 'I am oh! so lucky' because I travel a lot, because I lived in Australie for so long, because I'm strong and muscular, because I do my own work schedule, because I have so many friends, so many good clients, because because because...

That no. I don't call that luck. At all.

It's even a tiny bit insulting to get called lucky for those kinds of things when you are very aware of all the work, discipline, sacrifices it takes to make those things happen in your life.

You dream life doesn't fall from the sky: you got to plan and organize your trips. You got to work on your friendships and take care of them. You got to invest time and discipline in working out and taking care of your body. You got to work hard and take risk to achieve your professional goals.

It's not luck.

The harder you work, the luckier you get. But it's not luck really; it's life giving you what you deserve.

Have a great day!

Coach Claudia

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