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A diet and supplementation rich in omega 3 is very important to optimize the health of the human body. Omegas 3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids essential to the functioning of the human body. The majority of people have an omega 3 deficiency since the body can't produce it by itself; the foods and supplements consumed are often insufficient to have an appropriate amount of these fatty acids to be able to feel the benefits properly.

Here are some benefits related to omega 3:

- Cardiovascular Protection

- Reduction of blood triglycerides (fat)

- Management of rheumatoid arthritis

- Positive effect on depression and mood disorders

- General anti-inflammatory

- Development and optimization of brain functions

- Protection of the skin

- Etc.

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Here are some foods with a high content in omega 3 fatty acids:

- Fish (salmon, mackerel, cod, tuna, etc.).

- Chia seeds

- Linseed oil

- Nuts (almonds, pecans)

- Dark green vegetables (peas, spinach, etc.)

I strongly recommend that you increase your intake of foods rich in omega 3 and that you complete with a quality supplement if needed! Contact me today for specific recommendations related to your profile and your health!

Coach Claudia

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