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You probably know the answer... NO!

Here's why...

- Alcohol increases dehydration: dehydration = decreased in sports performance!

- Alcohol slows down the resynthesis of muscle glycogen: no glycogen = no energy!

- Alcohol affects post-effort recovery = difficult to fill up glycogen storage, to rebuild muscle fibers or to rehydrate the body!

- Alcohol disturbs the quality of sleep by limiting the phases of deep sleep: poor quality sleep = poor quality performance!

- Alcohol slows down the speed of reaction of athletes up to 12 hours after its consumption!

- Alcohol increases the secretion of the stress hormone (cortisol): high cortisol = neutralization of the effects of training!

- Alcohol can weaken the immune system: decreased immune resistance = greater risk of contracting a virus or diseases!

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No matter if you are an athlete or casual gym goer, try to limit your alcohol consumption as much as you can ESPECIALLY in the 24 hours before and after an important sport event.

Coach Claudia

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