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Facebook reminded me of this photo from (already) 3 years ago! It was the first time I was using my backpack in Australia when Lianna and I left for a weekend away in the Blue Mountains, a few days after our arrival in Australia. It was a short adventure in that crazy huge adventure that was my first long trip.

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I also had a conversation this morning with a gym member who was quite surprised to find out that I lived in Australie for a long time, that I had backpacked in South America alone for 3 months and that I was about to leave again alone for some vacations...

It made me look back on my life and reflect on where this passion was born, how this lifestyle began to take so much space in my life and how I managed to seize all these opportunities.

The answer: a risk. I took a chance 3 years ago to leave home without a plan with my life in a suitcase. Without knowing what life had in stores for me. I took, in fact, a HUGE risk when I booked a one way ticket and quit my jobs to go live on the other side of the world. And it's when I see memories like this photo or when I talk about my adventure with other people that I realize even more everything that this means to me.

Who knows where I would be today if I hadn't jumped on that plane on January 7th 2014? Probably not here, not in that state of mind, ready to take another huge risk that, I know, will change my life once again.

Take a chance. That might seem little, silly. Or huge and important. But take a chance. For yourself, your job, your health, your life. You never know where that could lead you!

Coach Claudia

P.S. Thanks Lianna..

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