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World-Class Performance & Loading Speed might be easy and totally free to use, but that doesn't mean we have not worked like hell to provide you with a powerful, results-driven and state-of-the-art Web publishing tool. 

Here's a quick look on what we have done behind-the-scenes to make every single Web page you create a top performer.

Dynamic Images

High-res images look great but seriously slow down how quickly a page loads. That’s why automatically and dynamically serves pixel-perfect optimized versions of your original images based on your visitor's device.

To make load times even faster, all images are cached and served out of a CDN (content delivery network). And that all happens on-the-fly.

Server-side rendering

Web technology has evolved over the years, and server-side rendering is probably one of the biggest advancements with that regard. At we were coding SSR before it became cool and popular, and we continue to enhance it every day.

But what does it mean for you? Well, SSR loads your pages faster and makes them snappier. Site visitors and search bots wait less longer, so everybody is happy. Browsers will starts rendering the HTML from our server without having to wait for all the JavaScript to be downloaded and executed, and once your page is rendered, it progressively loads only what it needs.

Fast page load speeds

Knowing 70% of cellular network connections globally will occur at 3G or slower speeds through 2020, Google has placed a renewed focus on pages that load fast, especially for mobile searches. With, your pages load significantly faster than with the average website builders. We're even faster than many big players and custom-made sites out there!

Think about this... would you like to lose half of your visitors while they wait for your website to load? We neither.

Secured and SEO maximized

Making sure your blog or website ranks well in the search engines is our top priority. To keep it simple and clean, automatically generates meta data for each of your pages while giving you the ability to manually enhance it. 

In today's world, "httpS" is more than just good practice, it's a must. It re-assures site visitors while being a huge benefit for your SEO. That's precisely why every single page generated by since our very fist days has always been secured and encrypted with SSL.