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Time-Saving Features combines simplicity and user-friendliness with powerful time-saving features to give you the tools you need to easily grow your business online.

A single dashboard to manage everything 

Manage unlimited blogs, single and multi-pages websites from a single dashboard. Quickly transfer a page from a blog to another or duplicate pages in one click.

Do you have a Google Analytics tracking ID and/or a Facebook Pixel? Just insert them in your settings and start getting valuable insights about the traffic on your pages. 

Changing from blog to website in one click

Select the type of website you want so can optimise your site for a specific purpose.

Selecting "BLOG" will enable features to allow you to build a follower audience and engage with your site visitors. Selecting "WEBSITE" will automatically activate a classy page footer on all your #tyls, and optimize your site to showcase your brand and make leads in the most effective possible way. If you would like to have both, a website and a blog, just create 2 separate brands with and link them via the navigation menu.

Free Stock Photos included

Attractive visuals are critical to capture people's attention. But where do you find them? No problem, allows you to search for free stock photos from Unsplash and Pixabay while you unleash your creativity.

Invite people to work with you

Inviting people to collaborate on a #tyl? Managing a blog or a team website? It is possible with's contributors!

By inviting one or more users to modify an #tyl, you give them access only to this publication, without having to give full access to your user account.

Brand editors almost have the same accesses as the brand owner. They can modify any brand setting. They have access to the brand dashboard. They can create new #tyls, edit existing #tyls, publish and delete #tyls. Editors are not allowed to delete the brand, and they cannot change the brand of a #tyl they are not the owner of.

Social Media Ready

Maximize your content's reach by sharing your creations anywhere on the Web with a simple link... instantly. No need to replicate the work every single time, automatically generates OpenGraph meta data and Twitter Cards for each page you create.

What does this mean in plain english? Well, your pages always look amazing when you share them anywhere on the Web.