Myths and misconceptions about preschool education

The education of our children is very important to each one of us. This is why we are very careful in choosing the right preschool in Dublin California for them. But even inspite of the popularity of preschools these days, we tend to have a lot of wrong notions and myths and about preschools and preschool education. In order to dispel the myths and help you know the correct facts, we have come up with the following points:

1.      Preschool education is not necessary

The first and most common myth or misconception about preschool education is that it is not necessary. A lot of people believe that it is not necessary for one to go to preschool to get early education as it can be gained at home. But this is not true. The kind of early education and learning that a child gets at preschool cannot be replicated at home. This is because the child doesn’t get the same environment and doesn’t meet friends, teachers and others except family.

2.      Preschools encourage only playing and cocurricular activities.

Another myth that a lot of people have about preschools is that these schools encourage just playing and co curricular activities. This is again not true. Preschools also focus on learning, education which includes rhymes, alphabets, numbers and other such things. Thus one must not be afraid not to admit kids to such schools.

3.      It is difficult to get admission in preschools

A lot of people think that it is very difficult to admit their child to a preschool since the admission process is tough. This is not the truth since not all preschools make it difficult for kids to get admitted and have simple admission processes. Thus you must avoid being afraid of the process.

4.      Without preschool education, kids cannot enter main schools

It is a common myth that without preschool education, one cannot get admission in the main school. These days, many main schools take kids who haven’t been to preschools but only if they have nursery and preschool curriculum themselves. Thus always search for such schools and only then go for the admission form filling process.

 Now that you know the common myths and misconceptions about preschools and preschool education, you can easily decide whether to admit your child to one or not and if yes, then which and how. There is no dearth of such schools these days but one has to be careful with selection process. One of the best preschool Pleasanton California is Aegis Pre-School. This school is well known in Dublin California and provides quality education and learning to children.

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